Halion 6 keyswitches

Have somebody infor mation about Halion 6 keyswitches for using activate layers. It’s difficult to get the right information.

You can set up keyswitches in Halion by using a Megatrig midi module or by using scripting.

Check this part of documentation for Megatrig.

Basic procedure is:

  • Create a layer for each articulation
  • Load Megatrig module in each articulation layer and set up conditions

You probably want first condition to be Note-On and second condition Keyswitch.

Thanks for the answer, now I understand the basic.
Greetings Kor

o, can i use it for switching between differend instruments layers?
example, switch between piano , bas ,and strings?
greetings Kor

Yes, you can do that.

You could also load the instruments to several slots and switch between them by using different midi channel.

Thanks, I know that, what I mean I load an instrument in a layer and try to activate it with keyswitches. After I can use it in expression maps in Cubase. Maybe not possible?

You can try these examples…

Megatrig Keyswitch.vstpreset (104.8 KB)
Script Keyswitch.vstpreset (104.8 KB)

If you use program presets to layer your instrument make sure to check this settings…

I make something and is nearly good for example, look the foto

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Thats what i mean, Thank you.
Greetings Kor