Halion 6 licence transfer

I have had a licence for halion 6 for a while but have never used it when I upgraded to Cubase 13 I tidied up my set up and discovered the licence for HAlion 6 is is still on an e licenser USB DONGLE and I don’t seam to be able to transfer it to the new HD licenceing system ,there are also 2 out of date trial licences which for tidyness id like to remove any help please

HALion 6 is still using the eLicenser system. I don’t expect that to change.

thanks### Scab_Pickens for confirming that – I hope they do fix it as this is theonly reason i need the dongle I paid good money for all steinberg products and would expect this to be sorted or for me it’s another black mark against them changes are complex and take time but i’ve been able to transfer all my other products over so why not this or do they expect me to pay more to upgrade to V7 assuming it can go on the new system and in doing so save them some dev money ,

Perhaps they could publish a list of which products use which system and an e.t.a. if any for the change over --road maps are user friendly. are you listening Steinberg.

This list exists since they switched to the new licensing system

Regarding Halion 6 on the new licensing system, that is probably not going to happen. It requires the software to be changed in the source code to allow the new system and that is done only for new releases. The amount of work to do this is simpy too high.


Steinberg never promised to move HALion 6 to Steinberg Licensing. Right from the first announcement, it was clear that the primary intention was to add Steinberg Licensing support to their products in a paid update. Some products got free Steinberg Licensing updates because there were no immediate plans for a paid update, but this was not the case for HALion, which got Steinberg Licensing support in HALion 7.

I would expect HALion 6 to remain on eLicenser. If you want Steinberg Licensing, update to HALion 7.

Thanks for the reply Davis W But this simply means Steinberg and users who have paid good money now have to run two licencing systems. What if Steinberg decide not to support elicence Then in the future at some point HALion 6 becomes a unsupported product with no backup to the licence , What a S**** way to treat your Customers . The Promises of a great new Licencing system by Steinberg only helps Steinberg move to a subscription model it in no way helps me . As I see it now we only rent the software with a one of payment, in the unlikely demise of Steinberg the dongle would still work , but now your Version of Cubase is reliant on Steinberg servers to verify periodically, is this the start of pay per Day ?, I’m Very disappointed if that is the Future as I buy the software and would never rent it .Perhaps Steinberg would like to Comment, I have put a Ticket in to them but no reply yet , Ill copy and post the result here. By the way HALlion 6 is only one version away from 7 and I have not had it that long , and will now never use it , there are far better products out there and all of this questions my 20 years loyalty to Steinberg. Sorry to be so negative but I’m Angry and feel Let Down. AS an armature musician In retirement I have spent thousands on software , Maybe time to find another DAW and cut my losses.

Yes, for some time this will be the case and I do not see any problem in this. All new products will use the new licensing system and over time no product will require the eLicenser anymore.

Sometime in the future Halion 6 will be unsupported, which happens to all products sometime when they get outdated. This is the normal way software releases are handled (or do you think Microsoft or Apple support every piece they ever created).

Who told you this? The server is contacted for activating the license and after that it runs without Internet connection. This is what the eLicenser is doing as well when you add a new product, so where is the problem?

With the new licensing system you can even run on machines that do not have a connection to the internet at all and you can activate up to three different machines at the same time.

So where exactly do you see these losses? No one is stoping you from using the software you have, it simply continues to work.


Thanks for all your replies I was under the impression that you had to make a periodical connection to the internet servers at Steinberg to keep the software active I am pleased to learn this is not the case .
I understand that all software eventually becomes un supported with time especially with operating software upgrades , But I f I want to be Dongle free I have to give up HALion 6 and its associated Libraries , or Pay more money to Steinberg for an upgrade to HALion 7, which I Most likely will never use in the near future ,So in a way Buying H6 was My mistake, as to date I have only tried it but never really used H6 Due to BIG learning curve, and now feel a loss in this trade off.
I Agree Dongle free is the way to go as it gives me more flexibility and frees up a u.s.b. slot .

I only use one PC dedicated to Music software , for me the dongle worked flawlessly as has the new system , but for me I just want one system with all that I have Paid for, for me this is not the case so I’m allowed to be disappointed at the compromise I am being forced to make .every thing else has transferred over just fine , and I don’t think Ver 6 of the software is that old .So I will cut my losses
And when I get time to fully investigate Making my own sample libraries, it will have to be on another platform .

Sorry but that is not Steinbergs fault, if you buy a software and never use it you made that decision for yourself. So this is simply your very personal problem.

Again, I have no clue what your problem might be. You have one single PC and you have no trouble at all in keeping the dongle connected. Your reason for complaining is just that you don’t like that, but I do not see any technical reason.

Changing a licensing system requires a huge amount of software coding and you can not expect the vendor to do this on every piece they ever built. That is not how it works.

Now it gets really weird. You say you are going to cut your losses (you still haven’t said how you define losses in your case) by moving to another platform? Probably by paying more money to someone else just to figure out it is also not the right software?

Btw. if you buy a different piece of software you probably get another licensing system, just to mention it.

Sorry, but that all makes no sense.

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I already own and use Kontakt7 find it much more user friendly than HALion but that’s just my
Personal opinion
My loss is simply that for the future I will never be dongle free unless I pay £85 to upgrade to H7.
but I’m not part of it unless Stein B update H6 to the new Licence system which does not look likely or I abandon H6 and its Content, which I paid full price for at the time of purchase . It may be the letter of the contract, but I do not see that as fair .
If the future is dongle free I expect to be part of it as a loyal Steinberg Customer for the funds I have Already given to SeinB so that is my point H6 is not that old that it should be abandoned by the new licence System. And Yes I am aware of (Buyer be ware ) but to me this verges on sharp practice and will make me very wary of updating anything except the Cubase Pro licence which I did last week because it gave me new features .I don’t know what I gain by the paid update to H7 except becoming dongle free which I can do FOC by ditching H6 to a Mistake I myself made .and will not repeat in the future, we all live and learn , I’m still awaiting a reply from Steinberg ref my ticket
Maybe it will change my disappointment Ill let you know here anyway after I get a reply.
PS sorry again if this feels like a rant but I am upset about it.

At the moment, HALion 6 is still supported. Support will help you to get reactivated on eLicenser if necessary.

Steinberg’s eventual plan is to retire the eLicenser system completely. Before that happens, I would expect them to migrate anything that is still in support but is still on eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing - but I don’t expect that to happen until older versions of current products such as HALion 6 have gone out of support.

If you upgrade to HALion 7 then you will get Tales, FM Lab and numerous improvements to the HALion core (an FM oscillator, a new spectral oscillator, better modulation and more). There is a trial for HALion 7, so you can try it before you pay anything.

I get it But I’m not convinced to do the upgrade at this time
Tales sounds good the extra features may help with the learning curve
and yes I can try before I buy but I,m still having to fork out for
possibly more of the same it’s not the cash but the trust issue if it costs too much to recompile
H6 which products only one stage behind the latest Version are going to be next. and yes H6 is still supported
but not fully if they have no intention of honoring the Future licence Policy,

Again, this makes no sense at all. H6 is absolutely fully supported, the license system has no impact at all on the functionality that you have paid for. You have full features and can use it, so just do it and simply ignore the licensing stuff.

Sorry, but I don’t get it what you are after, The license system just enables the product and that’s it. You don’t get any new feature by the other system, not a single one…

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