HALion 6 List of samples inside an included instrument

I can’t find a way to get a list of all the samples (or just the mulitisamples) included with a certain HALion 6 instrument (i.e. inside the corresponding VST Sound file), for example HALiotron. Is that possible at all? Only way I’ve found so far is to browse all the presets included with the instrument, quite time consuming…



Well, I get it as a “not possible”, right? :smiley: Thanks.

You can only see the Layers that were exposed to the users. These can be used for making custom presets for Halion Sonic. Not every Layer used in the factory presets was made visible, but nearly all of them are.


A single Layer can have multiple velocity layers and articulations. Third party instruments compatible with Halion Sonic and HS SE will usually either expose all the Layers used in the presets or allow you to pick them from a menu (like Studio Strings and Skylab).

Many thanks, this sort of answers, at least I can see all the HALiotron exposed layers, one after the other, in the sorted list. I’ve also tried to sort by Path column, but still only HALiotron layers (plus few others) have a separated path. Actually, I had already checked the Factory Content path, but I missed to check the HALion Sonic one, so many thanks again.