HALion 6 loads a blank instance when opening projects made in another PC

Hi there,

I recently bought a new PC, and finished migrating all the software from my old PC. Everything seems running fine, I even managed to migrate Cubase preferences.

The only problem I have is with HALion 6 which is loading a blank instance (no instruments loaded, but everything is available from the browser) when I attempt to open any projects made with my old PC, instead of loading all the presets used in such project.

Cubase version is the same in both computers (10.5), while HALion version is 6.3.0 in my old PC and in my new PC, if that makes any difference.

All the libraries and presets load fine in HALion on my new PC, no missing files, wrong paths, or other issues. I just have different library locations on my new PC, managed via Steinberg Library Manager.

Any ideas?

Ok, I think I have solved the problem by copying all the HALion folders located at


from my old PC to the new one. Hope this can help anyone having similar issues.