Halion 6 not working!

I spent a day downloading then following installation Halion 6 hangs on loading, both on Standalone and on call with my host, Cubase 9.01 on PC Win 7. Formerly Halion 5 and Cubase worked perfectly together. The same goes for Sonic 3.

The activity on the loading bar stops on “initializing HAlion…”, I have to resort to Task Manager to get out.

I have uninstalled and re-installed several times, made sure that my Win 7 is up to date. This is on top of the mega memory thing that comes with HALion. I recomend not bothering unless one has 100GB of free space!

Does HALion 6 actually work with WIN 7?

Cubase has now ‘blacklisted’ HALion 6

I can’t even backtrack to HALion 5 because of Licensor issues, so I am well and truly cut off from my ongoing Projects with Cubase and HALion and have spent today failing to get my system working again.

I think Steinberg in their rush to release HALion 6 have not thought memory issues through, there should be a clearer warning about the high sytem memory usage . You need to download 29gb as Rar’s then unpack (doubling to 60 gb) then installation seems to unload yet more GB’s of ‘content’ elsewhere! To be safe I would recommend to have at least 100Gb free to download and install. True it is possible to rationalise the files later but that is no good if you are tight on memory. Which I suspect many will be using SSD Drives.

It is a shame the Download Assistant doesn’t allow installation of the sampler as a seperate entity to the Eagle, Raven and Skylab samplebanks, surely they could be optionally downloaded seperately? I have to wait another 24 hours to download a second attempt, to discount a corrupted first file download.

I am miffed that Steinberg release new updates and then there is no-one in support to call until Monday!

I was so looking forward to spending the weekend getting creative with the new sampler instead I am stressed out and frustrated :frowning:

This is a shame. Really.

It does work in Win 7.

I had to do a few Windows updates to get going though. Every time I did one update, I checked to see if Halion was working so I didn’t have to spend the whole day downloading again. After the second update things worked out.

Also have a look at this. There is an Windows extra download that might help. Maybe do this one first.


Thanks Aposmus!

I downloaded the 2d win 7 upgrade and voila! I now have Halion 6 working!

I think on balance Steinberg should fully support win7.

I have been using Cubase since 1990 (Pro24 before that) I have used it accross various platforms ie, Atari 1040, Power Mac’s, Win 98, XP , 2000, Vista , I can honestly say that Win 7 and the last few Cubase upgrades have created the most stable DAW I have ever used. As a musician and a long time user of Steinberg software, the tech side of the software should be as glitch free and usable as possible - for me WIN 7 performs that role admirably. Asside from a painfully slow internet connection I have here, I don’t have the cash to continually splash out on software and hardware upgrades. Everytime I upgrade I have to think carefully about the cash and budget - both the time and money to manage, install and chase out any teething problems. The time spent on this sometimes can seriously get in the way of what at the end of the day is the purpose of the software in the first place - creating music!

Idealy I would like to see my current sytem running WIN 7 with Cubase Pro 9, Halion 6 now for perhaps another couple of years. Of course I know upgrading my system will be neccesary eventually, but it works splendidly at the moment. I can continue work on my new album.
“If it aint broke, then don’t fix it”

In light of all the possible hassle with Halion 6 on Windows 7, will probably wait till next year when I get a new Daw which will be Windows 10 or maybe 11 by then.

It will add more expense to the estimated £2000 for a purpose built Daw from Scan Pc.

Oh well it’s only money :open_mouth: :astonished: :cry: