Halion 6 On Mac mini M1 Status Report

Yikes. Been a very bad experience so far. Mostly because of Halion. It appears if you even LOAD the surround mixer or play with it…you’re probably gonna poof your whole session!

Steinberg, can you guys PLEASE release a maintenance update to Halion BEFORE you drop 7! We know how this is gonna play out. Version 6 isn’t gonna get fixed. Version 7 is gonna come out and we are ALL gonna be forced to upgrade. Lets do it different this time.


I’m really surprised the flagship synth/player for Cubase is lagging on the Intel thing.

Setting up a new Mac Studio at the moment and Halion 6 / Sonic 3 are the only things blacklisted in my pretty large collection of plugins/synths from multiple 3rd parties … and they’re the ones I’d least expect.

Further, the AU version of the plugin doesn’t work within Studio One … so clearly nothing has been done on these plugins for some time.

Yeah, over the years Halion/Halion Sonic has been the only instrument I own that constantly causes problems. I have a THEORY why. I am almost positive that Halion is actually the actual Cubase Engine…so essentially you are running a Daw within a Daw. Steinberg…whats da deal maaaaane!!!