Halion 6 - Programs or Multi Programs Saving


I have a problem understanding how to savely import my Halion 3 collection, these are all FXB presets and with that a Directory of Samples under the same name.

What i looked for in Halion 6 was to Create a Sample Pack, Like one file that has got like one Piano Sound inside.
Second is how do i get my FXB collection (is about samples i made myself like recorded etc) is a huge 65 GB lib that i made with Halion 3.
Now i stepped over to Halion 6, i am confused what is the best why to get Halion 3 FXB presets into Halion 6 (mediabay) and reconize them.
I have read the manual, i have tried to look for videos on mediabay and importing or converting to VST3preset or even HSB or Sample Pack.
I am just confused, because a straight forward conversion tool seems not to be there. When i buyed Halion 6 i tought the Library Maker or Creater work do the job, not so i think. What can i do to have simple Halion 3 Presets nicely added to Halion 6. And can i convert them to Sample Packs ? HSB ? or anything that makes it better. Still the main question is How to Convert Halion 3 FXB files to the new Halion 6 ?

How do you got you Halion 3 FXB Preset to work good and understanable files in mediabay with Halion 6 ?
How did you convert or adjust the Halion 3 files to come to Halion 6 and have it all good and tidy ?

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Well after a while working with Halion 6 (comming from Halion 3) i know now how VST3 Presets work and how to make a good database of sounds for Halion 6. Converting manually in Halion 6 from Halion FXP presets was a hassle to find out exactly but now i have all my own sounds in Halion 6 format and inside the mediabay. If users want to know how i did this ask.

On of those things why i did need convert was because i also use Cubase 9 Pro and for converting older project. Though C9 loads older arrangements saved by older versions of cubase, the problem will allways be used Instruments and Effects. What are plugins and sertainly that now C9 does not support 32 bit plugins and Jbridge does work good for this, Jbridge seems to have changed the Names of the plugins and instruments. So importing an older project into C9 was and is a hassle.

Nontherless C9 and Halion 6 are beasts! And Halion 6 improved so much i had to go from Halion 3 to Halion 6.
Glad the conversion of my sound database is done now.

In the same boat with old Halion 3 fxb. How did you convert them to be able to use with Halion 6?



I’m really confused? :confused:

I have hundreds of Halion 3 fxb files and they all load into Halion 6 perfectly and have never had to convert them - they just work!

I don’t understand why you’re all having a problem?

Can you see a picture of Halion 3 under the list of instruments in the Halion 6 medibay and if not that may be the issue, but I’m not sure?

Looking forward to your reply.

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James Colah