Halion 6 Sample Recorder - VST input

Hi guys, I am evaluating this amazing synth but a big dealbreaker for me is the ability to import sounds direct from my guitar synth into Halion 6 so that I can process them with Halion.
Despite a couple of threads on this I still cant find the answer and the Steinberg support seems to be non-existent at the moment so I wondered if one of my learned colleagues on here can help.

I have managed it with ease using Reaper but I really do not like that DAW. I’ prefer using Cubase essentials yet when I open the sample record page the input is marked as not connected and there is no other inputs apart from Halion own master and programme one channels. There seems to be no option to side-chain.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated as I am having to record through the microphone into the standalone Halion 6 at the moment which is ok but not ideal.

I assume that you’re actually talking about Cubase Elements and not the very ancient Cubase Essential from 2008-2009.

Cubase Elements doesn’t have side-chaining, which is a feature that would rarely be used by the target audience of that version of Cubase (amateur musicias and beginners who only need basic DAW features).

You’ll have to either use the standalone version of Halion 6 or upgrade your DAW to Cubase Artist or Pro. You can take advantage of the current sale to upgrade for cheap. They’ll give you considerably more freedom:


The problem might be the Cubase Elements.
I don’t think it supports side chain.

thanks guys i’ve been waiting over 10 days for a simple explanation like this from Steinberg and my trial has now run out - if that’s the customer support I get then its not good enough - no disrespect to the community though - appreciated.

It was vacation time in germany.