HALion 6/Sonic 3 - Activate Different Layers via Automation?

in HALion 6 or HALion Sonic 3: Is it possible to activate different layers via automation? That would be a great way to change articulations in orchestral patches. Maybe via levels or mute/solo or something else? Does anyone have any info or ideas? Thanks!

I think this is possible in Halion 6 if you change the MegaTrig (MIDI MOD tab) to respond to MIDI controllers instead of key switches.

For example, activating trumpet straight when MIDI controller 20 is set to 0-10, trumpet vibrato when it’s to 11-20, and so on.

Thanks Romantique Tp. I’m new to Halion so I’ll have to poke around to figure out exactly what you mean. I did, however, find a decent work around.

I started with a preset that had 2 articulations using layers 1 & 2. The preset had a volume Quick Control for each layer. I had each volume control learn the mod wheel. Then I set the first volume Quick Control’s (layer 1) Max Volume to 0% (hard left) and it’s Minimun Volume to 100% (hard right). I set the second volume Quick Control (layer 2) like normal (0% hard left and 100% hard right).

This gives me mod wheel control of switching or morphing between 2 layers/articulations. I can easily rename the Quick Controls according to which articulation I have loaded into which layer. It works well and I have an expression pedal set to mod wheel so I can switch hands free and, of course, I can easily automate the tracks. I should be able to set up one with 4 articulations but having 2 works fine for now.

I’ll explore your solution since is sounds like its more “under the hood” and I need to learn those deeper levels of Halion. I just bought the half price Absolute 3 deal and I’ve been working with Halion Sonic and haven’t even opened Halion yet. :slight_smile:

There is also this: I was unable to get a picture embedded but here is a link to the Halion online manual subject: “Expression Controls for Instrument Layers”. https://steinberg.help/halion_sonic/v3/en/halion/topics/editing_layers/instrument_layers_expression_controls_r.html

Looks promising but I cant seem to find it in Halion. :question:

That’s a page that’s only visible in Halion Sonic.

In Halion you’re looking for this:

I’d actually like to do this in Halion Sonic before I try to wrap my head around Halion. I still can’t seem to get to that page In Halion Sonic. Can you show me how to find the “Expression Controls for Instrument Layers” in Halion Sonic? Your help is greatly appreciated!

These are limited to instruments that have key switches programmed in, like the MID/XXL guitar layers. There’s nothing in this page that could help you accomplish what you’re trying to do.

Thanks for the insight. You’ve saved a few hairs being pulled out and I don’t have many to spare. :laughing: