Halion 6 / Sonic 3 MIDI CC 11 Expression

Having a possible issue with respect to simple and legacy MIDI CC (11).
When using Halion Sonic SE instruments, they will respond to the changes of CC11, in this instance, I am using it to affect the loudness without resorting to changing MIDI CC 7.
In Halion and Halion Sonic, I’m finding that instruments are unaffected by CC11. Is CC11 not pre-mapped to affect the loudness as you might find in most historic synths and MIDI modules?
Perhaps I have missed a setting somewhere? Any thoughts?


Hi Psypha909,
here it works as expected. Could you perhaps provide some more details (platform, host, version,…) or even a demo project?
best regards

Sorry, been away for a long while,

Thanks for the reply. It works on Halion Sonic SE, but not on Halion Sonic full version, tried it blank project

Have been using instances of retrologue 2, after a while the signal will audibly swing 80% to the left channel.
Checked the panner on the channel itself, central (no automation set, even clicked on bypass for good measure).
Physical connections to mixer and such are all good.

The only way to fix this anomaly on an instance of a Retrologue instrument channel is to assign a MIDI track to it and then give it a cc10 (pan) value of 64.
The pan issue occurs after 3 minutes of Retrologue instrument channel being added.

Addendum: I just wanted to mention that I disconnected any MIDI devices to ensure no CC messages were being sent to the DAW that might affect Retrologue panning.