Halion 6 to Halion Sonic 3 instrument

This was more of an experiment

I created a warm orchestral section on an instrumental track for Halion 6 in cubase 12 Pro

I then created another instrumental track below it using Halion Sonic 3

I dragged the midi information to that track from Halion 6. I assigned the sane string section. I proceeded to play that track, but there is no sound. Why?

Alan Russell

Hard to know for sure based on such a limited description.

But I’m gonna guess there is a mismatch between the MIDI Chanel Number which your MIDI data is sending out and what Sonic is listening for.

Some pics of the 2 Track’s Inspectors might be informative. Also you could stick a MIDI Monitor on a MIDI Insert on the Sonic Track to see what data, if any, it is receiving.

Thank you for the reply I’ll look into it