HALion 6 Trial

Hi, I removed the Activation code for the HALion 6 30 day trial just before the trial ended, now when i try to load cubase all i get is a window saying No H6 activation code [Retry] asks to go to elicence center (but i don’t have the activation code now) or [Cancel] which stops the loading of cubase.
So now I am unable to load anything. Removing HALion 6 from the plugin file manager on the Steinberg program just loads with lots of missing files.
Can anyone tell me what to do as I’m not that great with computers.

Uninstall HALion 6 and all content. It’s VST3 so removing it from the plugin manager only removes VST2 version (I think).

Hi, I could try as you suggest, or would it be best to uninstall the whole program and then reinstall or will that mess with the eLicence?

It shouldn’t hurt the license as the license, the eLicenser, and eLicense Control Center are separate from Cubase and Halion.
I would just try uninstalling HALion and all HALion 6 content first.