Halion 6 trying to install on disk different from specified disk

Just upgraded from Halion 5 to 6. During the instillation it asked where I wanted to install the content & I specified F:/Halion6 (right next to the Halion5 content). F: is a HHD with plenty of room on it.

Meanwhile I have an SSD S: that is basically full. The only Halion content on it is the HSO library.

As the installation proceeded I got an error message saying that the S: drive didn’t have enough space for the content & to delete stuff & retry. It looks like the Halion6 content was installed on the F: disk (~30GB) & maybe the content trying to install on the S: disk was for Halion Sonic 3. I can’t really make room on the S: drive and just want all the content to end up on the F: drive. Any ideas?

Not sure if this is related, but I almost installed Halion content to the wrong drive. Here’s what I almost missed.

At one point in the install, there’s a list of components that will be installed, with “Already installed” and “Will be installed.” The first component is selected by default, and the install location is indicated. What I almost didn’t notice is that you need to select each component and specify your intended location.

Thanks, that was exactly the problem.