Halion 6 unable to load certain instruments

Dear Sir/Madam

Am using Halion 6.1 and unable to load certain instruments. There would be a split second flash of the loading bar and then nothing.

Some eg. [Keyboards] category - barking dog, beautiful ballad.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail.

Same problem with Halion Sonic 3.

Anyone with similar experience? Any help appreciated.

Many thanks.

Hey Guys,

I hope someone could shed some light on this problem. I’ve worked my way through the [Keyboard] and [Piano] categories and the following instruments could not be loaded. It behaved in the same way as my earlier post:

[Keyboard] -> [E. piano]

  • Amazing Vibrato
  • Amped Wah-Wah MW
  • Authentic Neo Soul Sound
  • Autumn Ballad
  • Barking Dog
  • Beautiful Ballad
  • Broad Vintage Chorus
  • Classic 70s Rock
  • Classic Root Chords
  • Classic Soul
  • Cozy amp
  • Creamy Soul
  • Deep Flanging
  • Dirty Amped
  • Dreamy Away
  • Dreamy Vintage
  • Funky Grunge
  • Growling Phaser
  • Grunge
  • Hip-hop Grunge
  • Mild Chorus
  • Neo Soul Chordiologist
  • Neo Soul Keys
  • Neo Soul Phat Chords
  • Neo Soul Vintage Vibe
  • Pleasant Amp
  • Pretty Vibrato
  • Psychedelic Wah MW
  • Real World Sound
  • Retro Soul
  • Rich Phasing
  • Rotary Flange
  • Slow Psychedelic Flange
  • Spooky MW
  • Studio Session
  • Tremolo Electric Piano
  • Twangy Wah-Wah MW
  • Underwater
  • Vintage Amp
  • Vintage Ballad
  • Vintage Psycho MW
  • Wah Meets Phase MW

[Piano] -> [A. Piano]

  • Chart Dance Piano
  • Dance Floor Piano
  • Flex Phrased Piano Love
  • Piano in Da House

Could these instruments be coming from a different VST intrument Eg. Neo Soul Keys which I may have installed as a trial but did not purchase the license? If so, how do I remove the above instrument list from HALion 6 permanently?