HaLion 6 Upgrade from HALion Sonic 3 Problems

Have bought Cubase 9.5. which is included Halion 3.
Purchased upgrade package from Helion 3 to Helion 6.
But when I enter the activation code in elicenser, this message will appear

Selct License To Upgrade

Please selct th license you want to upgrade.
See picture I sent with.
As you can see in the picture, there is nothing to notice.
Is there anyone who has experienced the same and what is the solution?

Hi, I rarely post here but get a lot of useful infos that clarify some issues. Now it’s almost a month from your post. I hope you gotta an answer and work it around. If not, I’m afraid that I’m not bringing good news. Maybe I’m wrong, but here it is what I think that mislead you:

The Halion Sonic SE 3 that comes with Cubase 9.5 is not the same showed on the upgrade options. That one is Halion Sonic 3 - without the SE.

That’s why you don’t have any previous Halion license available to upgrade.

See ya!