Halion 6 upgrade, halion 5 contents.

Hi, i have some quick question,
regarding Halion 6, please help!.

I would like to buy Halion 6 upgrade,
tomorrow, i cant wait!.

I have Halion 5, and i love
Halion 5 preset, strings, epianos,
patch called “4th dimension”,
My Halion 5 contents, i think is on
my ssd drive!.

Here is my question, hope its not
a stupid question?!.

If i buy and download, upgrade
my Halion 5 to version 6,
will i keep my Halion 5 content ???.
Will all my Halion 5 epiano, strings
, factory preset / sampled sound be
I hope i can keep both my Halion 6 and
Halion 5 contents ?!.

My computer is Core I7, 3.4 ghz, 24gb
ddr3 ram, Tc electronic Impact soundcard, windows 7 pro, 64bit, servicepack 1, Net framework 4.5…



Just bought Halion 6 uograde.
every thing works fine!.

All previous Halion 4/5 contents is
there!, no problems.

activating the Halion 6 license on
my usb elicenser was very easy,
and is now acticated!.

But Can’t find my Halion Orcehstra content, which
i bought long time ago, i know its there, properly
i just have to re install it.

Halion 6 content , did install on my C drive (pc computer!),
and my other Halion 4-5 is on my SSD E:/ drive!.
But it works!.