Halion 6 USER Patch Problems....

I am having strange USER Patch issues. If I set the filter in the browser to USER only everything works fine. If I choose “Factory and User Content” filter my USER patches do not work, or I see 2 versions of the patch where one works and one does not.

Any ideas how to get this to work correctly? I have re-scanned the disk several times in the browser but can not seem to get this to work quite right.

No one has experienced this problem?

I have noticed this and had it questioned on another topic.

I assume you are referring to vstpresets in your post.
I assume you are making things in cubase.

I noticed that when you edit something and save it as a vstpreset, this can differ from the version used in f.e. an older version of a cubase file.
The content is located on different places, and to continue the work on something, you should use the latest version of it.
This looks as intended since this is in line with non-destructive editing, but when you notice this for the first time it can be confusing.

I now use the vstpreset save method on top of the plugin to create my latest versions of something for the moment.
These are consistently the latest version for me, and i can overwrite it. But yes, older versions of something still are present.

Not quite clear for me how the relation is between al these versions, but this is also present in the Halion 6 package, so let’s wait out for some time and we will get an explication.

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For me many of my “custom” patches are made of say 1 sample dragged into Halion and used usually as a granular sample. At the end end I export the patch and the samples as vst preset. Never had any issues like this in H5…hopefully they can get this sorted out soon.

One more thing to add…when I right click the 2 versions in the browser and click “show in folder” they both point to the exact same version in the same location.

Yesterday i was somehow able to reconstruct a more or less working synth in Halion 6 from one pc to the other. Hooray !
But this only as vst3 preset with samples and a vstpreset for Halion SE3.

I still had issues with the assigned midi-controllers and the assigned quick controllers when the presets were transferred to the other machine. It looks more and more that this is still something like a bug.
QC or external midi controller settings are lost or replaced with incorrect values it seems.
If anyone else has other experiences, please confirm.

Another issue that still isn’t resolved on my machine is that library thing.
In the past you could make a vst sound container from a multi.
This button is somehow gone and that library thing replaces it i guess.
But that liabrary creator refuses to find anything at all.
Very weird.
And yes, i am aware that those presets have to be registered and they are, but the library creator doesn’t find anything, you can’t drag anything to it, also it can’t find anything from the other content on the computer. It looks as if this is blocked somehow.

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