Halion 6 vanished

I have Cubase 12 and a purchased Halion vers 6.

Recently there was an offer to get some good e piano sounds for free from Steinberg, for this it was necessary to download the Halion 7. Since then, Halion 6 has no longer been found.

In all old tracks the message “License is missing” appears on his track and nothing works anymore. I’ve been waiting for help from support for 8 weeks, which I find to be outrageously long. Apparently there are errors with Steinberg, I can no longer use expensive software.

Does anyone know any advice?

Did you buy the update for Halion 7? If not then that is the reason you get the message license missing.

It was said, the sounds will be free . a christmas present by steinberg - and I have to download a also free but limited version of halion 7 to run them.

And thats how it worked indeed- the e piano sounds are running at Halion 7, but halion 7 is limited to those sounds, it will not play anything else as those electric piano sounds like rhodes etc

But it also killed my halion 6. it’s gone in any ways, i could load it, simply not showing up in whole cubuse pro 12. And the old tracks, where halion 6 is playing sounds, it doesnt and says i need licence (for the old one, which i bought)

Thats not acceptable - Steinberg says - here are some free sounds for you additionel to those you own already - therefore I was made thinking I get a free present, but in the end it kills my old halion and I have to buy the new one. Thats not ok. No matter intended or error of programming by steinberg

I think you might of got the wrong end of the stick , the Piano free with Halion Sonic 3 , you need to buy the Halion 7 licence BUT i totally agree with you about not being able to run Halion 6 and 7 side by side on the same computer , it’s was a bit of a bad marketing ploy from Steinberg , now the only way to get Halion 6 back is to remover H7 and upset your system . Irritating yes , inconvenient yes , a little more research and insight might of prevented this happing thou

Thanks for the explanations!

I only responded to an email that offered the sounds for free and said you needed Halion 7 (not Halion Sonic 3). And the sounds run on Halion 7, not on my Sonic.

As far as I remember, both downloads offered were linked in the same way. I don’t quite see where I should/could have informed myself better. Of course, if you think about it for a while, it’s true that 6 + 7 can’t run in parallel, but I didn’t think about that at the time. Even if it is obvious, it can happen that someone doesn’t think about it and falls into the trap

In itself, I wouldn’t have a big problem with purchasing Halion 7, even if I wanted to be free to decide when, and not be forced to do so now.

Another question is, do I still get the 7 at the update price, now that Halon 6 is killed, or do I have to pay the full price???

same problem. i am trying to delete Halion 7

You should be able to upgrade to H7 at any time, even from a cold turkey installation.

Your H6 key is either on your dongle, or software eLisencer (and listed as such in your Steinberg account).

In either case, you can purchase an H6 to H7 upgrade.

You’ll enter your new H7 key in Activation Manager.

If your H6 key is on a dongle, it will get ‘touched’ in a way that locks it at version 6 (will still unlock H6 with the dongle plugged in, and if you need to roll back further than H6 you need a special/additional H5 addon key from Steinberg support) and freezes it so it can never be upgraded again.

Over in the new Activation Manager, another H7 key will be created, and this key CAN be upgraded in the future.

If your key is on a soft elicencer, I’m not sure ‘exactly’ how that works as I never used the soft eLicenser for anything but free versions of Sonic SE on ‘secondary machines’. I assume it’s similar to having it on a dongle in terms of any existing H6 keys being ‘touched’ and marked as upgraded. If you’ll still be able to manage HALion eLicencer keys from your My Steinberg account after upgrading to H7, I’m not sure…but it seems like support for that still exists (for how long, who knows?).

The main issue for some people moving to H7 is the lack of a VST2 version of the plugin. I still run several clients on Windows that cannot do VST3 natively (Band In a Box, Finale, Sibelius). In my experience so far vst3shell provides a stable and free solution to the problem. Personally, I use bidule, but that one isn’t free for this plugin-bridge type of application.

I also keep a version of H5 on a small VMWare virtual machine (image is on a fast but small/cheap USB stick). It’s not really useable as a real time sounding plugin like this, but occasionally I want to roll a preset or library that’ll still work in older versions of HSSE. It is increasingly rare to need it since people I collaborate with are now using versions and content on the new Activation center. I’ve used it maybe twice to manipulate some of the tags for old Sonic SE compatible presets. Not many users today would ever need this, but it is a ‘possibility’ if you ever need it.

What version of HALion do you have?
Full H6?
Full Sonic 3?

Sonic SE, and content that comes with a Steinberg Host (Cubase/Dorico/Nuendo)?

If you’ve got a full version of HALion 6 or Sonic 3…

Use your OS app manager to remove H7.

Using the Steinberg Library Manager, remove any libraries that you might have updated.

Reinstall H6, and reinstall the old H6 content. Get it all and reinstall if you’re running a full version. If your content came with a Host, download the exact content that was provided with said host/version, and reinstall it.

You can bypass the Steinberg Download Center and grab specific installers here: Downloads | Steinberg

Make sure the latest version of eLisencer is installed and your dongle is plugged in.

Hopefully that will sort things for you.

It gets confusing lately because of a newer database. The base content/libraries have also been redone since H7 (different organization, and new Macro editors).

When H7 first rolled out, I could mix and match the dongle ware with the new stuff, but over time it seems like the best way to go is stay with an all eLicenser setup (Cubase 11/Dorico 4), or upgrade everything Steinberg to versions fully compatible with the Download Center (HAlion/Sonic 7 with Cubase 12/Dorico 5 or later), the new Activation Center, and the latest versions of the Steinberg Database (MediaBay).

If you don’t use a Steinberg host at all, it’s a little less complicated (the database thing), but you’ll want to avoid updating content libraries to the newest stuff. Stick with content that shipped with H6, or is meant to be unlocked by the older eLicenser system. Extra content on the new Activation center should work, but be careful when ‘adding it’. Manage it with the Steinberg Library manager, and don’t upgrade the player to Sonic 7 (stick with the last HSSE 3.5.10…the one that works with both eLicenser and Activation Manager, and you can get it from this Dorico 4 support area.).