Halion 6 vs. Absolute

I am curious about the Absolute collection. For those who have it - is it worth the extra $150 over just Halion? I have Komplete, so I can crossgrade to either.

I have Cubase Pro, so I already have Retrologue 2. I don’t really care about the Pianos (I have plenty), and the Symphonic orchestra is a pretty old library.

So, for anyone with the Absolute collection, I would be curious as to your thoughts if the collection is truly worth $150 more than just Halion.

It includes a lot of extra sounds. If you want that then it is worth it. For me it was worth it.

Absolute will and can only get better…
I’m looking forward to new Groove Agent ,new PadShop Pro hopefully implemented into Halion,
When on offer… Absolute is an absolute MUST HAVE…One has to have deep pockets for UVI Falcon + expansions…
If future versions of ABSOLUTE will make all included plugins work in Halion inc GAgent …then it will be Absolutely Amazing.
I hope thats where Halion (ABS4.5.6.)is heading…to be a powerful modular system for creating Anything imaginable sound wise…
,maybe vstis could be plugged into Halion at some point …lol …yes pls.

I defo enjoy having the full version of Groove Agent.

it’s here Groove Agent 5
soon upcoming update halion 6.2 (free?)
soon cubase 10 too

when Absolute 4?

it says January on the absolute page so like 2 months its kind of annoying they release ga5 and absolute people cant get to upgrade until months later

“Purchase Absolute 3 now and update to Absolute 4 for free in January”