Halion 6 works fine in Windows 7 =)

I would like to test it more and play all night long, but, I need to get up for a dentists apt so i need to go to bed :confused:

first contact:

download went well, install went well. It works just fine in windows 7.

haven’t gone through quite enough sounds or features yet, but so far anima, skylab and studio strings are my faves out of the newcomers…

mkay, gnite for now =)

Good to hear this. (the Halion part, not the dentist)

Someone else did a post saying Halion 6 wouldn’t run on their Win 7, but that could be a localised issue.

Thanks for the info. I will try it by myself soon.

Doesn’t work for me.

Matthias has come up with the answer! - now working :slight_smile:


I’m on Win 7 and Halion 6 works perfectly both standalone and inside Cubase 9.

I’m running windows 7 and it works for met to. Think you should be fine as long as you got new versions of .NET?? But I aint no expert so… But works fine for me. Sorry to hear if anyone is getting issues.

I’ll add my post to this list of working Windows 7 installs, no problems at all.

my OS is Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1

Here also, I upgraded Absolute 2 to version 3.
Everything works just fine, Windows 7 Home Premium, always updated.

I was a little concerned at first. After following the information above, updating WIN7 fully, the upgrade is loaded and working just fine.

Wait until you need to :
a) raise a support ticket for an issue you have problems with
b) after the next H6 update, and you encounter some new bug or worse still H6.01 not working at all on WIN7 …

I agree, but if an issue arises, I am not above upgrading Windows. I would imagine most users realize they would have to update eventually.

… eventually, but there is also the matter re SB NOT pre-announcing their intention to drop WIN7-64bit for H6.

If they have been developing H6 for at least 2 years, then they knew WAY-AHEAD of time, what OS versions they were and were not going to support - well in my opinion