Halion 6

Halion 6 is going to be released very soon.
so little info an so many questions to ask.
well, i have some questions.
There a few video’s that shows Halion 6 features, it looks

First of all, what is a resonator in Halion 6 ?, is that a fx that you apply
to any audio sample in Halion 6, to create metallic or string, plugs sound,
like if you where adding acoustic modelling synthesis, to simulate a plucked string.

I was hoping for a advanced physic modelling synthesis module in Halion 6,
but maybe the new wavetable and the resonator can achieve exactly that?!.

Allso is there a Vocoder fx in Halion 6 ?.

About the scripting, i dont know if its possible to create you own functions,
Like a osc phase effect or you own created arp function ?.

Could we see more light weight features added to Halion 6, before it comes out in february ?.

I am going to buy Halion 6, when it comes


In Retrologue 2 the resonator is already in it. You can download the the Demo of Retrologue to try the Resonator.


Did watch a couple of youtube video’s of
Retrologue 2, looks very interesting and very
I thought the Retrologue 2 was a bit weak

I have Halion 5 and Omnisphere 2.
Is’nt Halion 5 and Retrologue 2 very
similar sounding with exactly same features, or
is Retrologue much better with more
advanced synth options ?.

What i am interesting in is, features like Phase osc modulator
and functions like hard sync of 2 osc, both independence of both osc,
meaning you can ajust coarse, fintune of each osc
relative to itogether. (laser harp sound?!).

Buying Retrologue would properly be waste of time, because i
am going to buy Halion 6.

Yes, the Synth in HALion is the same like in Retrologue but with more possibilities.

One possibility for the use of the resonator is the programming of old stringmachine sounds, like Solina, with the HALion-Synth.

Arturias Solina V has a built-in resonator too.

Just as a BTW. There is a vocoder in Halion 5.

It’s under the Legacy FX, the H3 ModulateLR module. In its mode setting you can select vocoder.

The features are limited, but you can still do a lot of tone shaping in the zone editor on the carrier wave or with a pre and post filter. I’ve had good results with it.

With the wavetablesynthesis in H6 also vocoder effects will be possible.

Thank you, every one.

I need an advise here, since i have
Omnisphere 2 and Halion 5, it would
be an overkill to buy Retrologue 2, because
i will buy Halion 6, which will properly
cover allmost all aspect of Retrologue 2?,
i think!

Maybe not, if Halion 6 did cover every thing
of Retrologue 2, Steinberg could’nt
sale Retrologue ?.

Another thing i would like to do, is to buy
Retrologue 2, for my sisters kid for
birthsday present.
I could buy it, download it, and give it to him,
but does he need to create a steinberg acount ?, i dont want to use my own steinberg acount.
I can use my creditcard on his acount
(he will be 18 years old , this year!).

Hi, Maggie.
Just one question.
I see you have UVI Falcon i allways wanted
UVI Falcon, but is it worth it ?, i mean
do you get those killer big synth?, or can you
create huge synth sound ?.
In Omnisphere , 1 osc can sound like 10 osc,
because of the Unison mode, Omnisphere is so

I dont know if UVI Falcon is stable
under Windows 7, Cubase element 8 ?.
What about osc sync, phase modulation of the
osc ?.
UVI Falcon has Physical modeling synthesis.
It will be very interesting, if Falcon can
compete with Halion 6!.

I look forward to use the scripting in Halion 6!.

In HALion 6 you can build your own Retrologue with the Macropage :wink:

Ok, no need for Retrologue 2, then!

Hi henrikmusic,

I bought Falcon as a supplement to HALion. Mainly due to FM and Wavetable synthesis. Wavetables synthesis in HALion 6 will go far beyond the possibilities in Falcon.

In Falcon you can not create your own wavetables. You can only load ready Wavetables in WAV format.

The physical modeling synthesis can only produce plugsounds, but that’s quite good.
Unison mode is possible with Falcon. OSC sync, phase modulation and phase distortion are also possible.

Creating samples is somewhat more difficult than in HALion, Falcon has no autoloop function.

The Factory Library is designed for electronic music. There are no pianos, strings, winds, choirs, etc., but you can buy more Libraries by UVI.

I received a 100.00 € coupon when I bought Falcon and then I could still buy some sounds.

Whether you need Falcon now if you have HALion 6 is difficult to say.

Omnisphere and Falcon are very different. The possibilities in the Falcon are bigger. The sound of the Falcon is very good and the character somewhat different from the HALIon.

You can download the usermanual of falcon here:


I hope the link is allowed to post here, if not delete it Steinberg.

Thank you Maggie for your answer.

I dont think i will need Falcon, if i buy Halion 6 and use my Omnisphere
2, that will be more than enough.

Bur i like Uvi Syntsations, especially the sound of Roland D50,
Korg M1, etc. (Jarre sound!).

I dont have UVI Syntsations.