Halion 6's modulation matrix system is woefully limiting

Almost the very first thing I wanted to do after I learned how to create a Program, and a Layer, was modulate my first preset, and the LFO and Modulation Matrix are how you do that, you would think. But the Modulation Matrix has an extremely limited and from what I can see, completely non-extensible list of modulation destinations. Now, some people will say, what do you mean, limited? There seem to be over 80 destinations arranged in groups. But the problem is this. Halion 6 lets you add LFOs, add effects, and add dozens of other things, and most of those things can’t be destinations for modulation via LFOs.

I own literally 2 dozen or more powerful VST synths and sampling systems, including Halion 6 full, Kontakt, UVI Falcon, and Pigments, and all of them, leaving out Halion, are 10x more powerful than Halion is, with regard to modulation which is literally the heart and soul of sound design, for most VST synth users.

Perhaps I can do this with scripting but I shouldn’t need scripting to add modulation matrix outputs. I can add automation items. Why can’t I also add Modulation Matrix Destinations. Right click on ANYTHING AT ALL anywhere and ADD AS MODULATION MATRIX DESTINATION, and give me a choice of relative or absolute control.

Now go to the modulation matrix and route something to it, either in absolute or relative fashion. Finding limitations like this makes me want to go back to Pigments or Falcon.

Warren Postma

I absolutely agree with you. It would be even better if you could create modulation links by drag and drop, like in Falcon.

Halion is so long vertically when you have all the modules open, so that might be a little awkward.
Perhaps just right click the destination and select the mod source from there would be good.
Definitely need way more destinations available though.