Halion 7 Activation

I have the Halion 7 trial version and Halion Sonic 7 installed.
I have now bought Halion 7
How do i change the trial version of Halion 7 for the full version in the activation manager ?

Hello Adrian,

Typically it works like this:
If you have a Download Access Code, it should be entered in the Steinberg Download Manager.
If you see your product in the Activation Manager, you can obviously activate it there.

This Steinberg Activation Manager will ask you to allow opening a Steinberg website pointing to your account settings. This is to sign in to your account.

Once you’ve claimed your new key simply open Activation Manager. Deactivate the Trial. Activate your true key.

The trial key should eventually expire and disappear from your Steinberg account by itself. It might take a while for it to go away but it won’t harm anything.

I still have an expired Cubase 12 demo key that’s been on my My Steinberg account for ages. It’s not a problem I guess, unless I need a new Cubase 12 demo key at some point. Should it ever get in the way, I’d just file a ticket with Steinberg Support asking them to remove it.

Many Thanks guys. I’ve done it now.