HALion 7 and related Absolute 6 still not NKS officially compatible?

I just bought the last Absolute 6 with HALion 7, I already own Komplet 14 std and a KK S49 mk2, but no way to find the A6 instruments and sounds with my S49 in Komplete Kontrol ?
Do I missed something or does Steinberg 's virtual instruments are not provided with an official NKS lib (I know there are some open source versions but…) ?

You can find NKS for Steinberg product here :
Freelance SoundLabs

I know but there is a pb each time Steinberg creates a new version… I prefer an official Steinberg NKS version.


And those NKS templates are stored in the User side, which is also a technical pb not solved by FS.

Not a problem… only Official NKS goes to the “factory” tab…