Halion 7 and Sonic Se crashing Digital Performer 11

Hi, I’ve found that Halion 7 (Free) and Halion Sonic SE (3.5.10) crash Digital Performer on attempting to instantiate - instant crash, poof! AU and VST3 both. The plugins pass verification within DP but on trying to load them, crash.

This is on a 2015 iMac running MacOS Monterey 12.6.3 (edit: and Digital Performer 11.21, the current version).

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?



Try using Audio Unit instead of VST3.

AU and VST3 both

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Addition: both standalones open normally on the iMac, and Halion pens fine in Gig Performer on the same machine.

Hi @tonycore and thanks for reporting. I will ask around if any testers are able to reproduce the issue with DP in house. Would be helpful if you can send me the crashdump via PM (you do not want your computer info public).
Since other hosts seem to run fine, it might make sense to get in touch with Motu as well.

I just tested Halion 7 AU, VST3, Halion Sonic 7 AU, VST3 using the new versions (7.0.10) and all 4 plugins still crash Digital Performer. Is anything being done to solve this?

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The issue with DP is still being worked on, but I can not make promises regarding the release date/version.


Thank you for letting me know.

I have the same issue as well. Both VST3 and AU crash immediately on a M1 Max with latest version DP and Halion. It does not matter if I am running DP in Rosetta or Native. I Have have tons of plugins and all run well under DP. This has been going on with the last few version of DP11 and Halion 6. I was hoping 7 would fix the issue.

If you folks need any dumps or anything from me please let me know. I would be more than happy to help as Halion was my go to sampler. I am using Falcon as a work around.



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