Halion 7 and Sonic Se crashing Digital Performer 11

Hi, I’ve found that Halion 7 (Free) and Halion Sonic SE (3.5.10) crash Digital Performer on attempting to instantiate - instant crash, poof! AU and VST3 both. The plugins pass verification within DP but on trying to load them, crash.

This is on a 2015 iMac running MacOS Monterey 12.6.3 (edit: and Digital Performer 11.21, the current version).

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?



Try using Audio Unit instead of VST3.

AU and VST3 both

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Addition: both standalones open normally on the iMac, and Halion pens fine in Gig Performer on the same machine.

Hi @tonycore and thanks for reporting. I will ask around if any testers are able to reproduce the issue with DP in house. Would be helpful if you can send me the crashdump via PM (you do not want your computer info public).
Since other hosts seem to run fine, it might make sense to get in touch with Motu as well.

I just tested Halion 7 AU, VST3, Halion Sonic 7 AU, VST3 using the new versions (7.0.10) and all 4 plugins still crash Digital Performer. Is anything being done to solve this?

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The issue with DP is still being worked on, but I can not make promises regarding the release date/version.


Thank you for letting me know.

I have the same issue as well. Both VST3 and AU crash immediately on a M1 Max with latest version DP and Halion. It does not matter if I am running DP in Rosetta or Native. I Have have tons of plugins and all run well under DP. This has been going on with the last few version of DP11 and Halion 6. I was hoping 7 would fix the issue.

If you folks need any dumps or anything from me please let me know. I would be more than happy to help as Halion was my go to sampler. I am using Falcon as a work around.



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Is there any new info on getting Halion 7 working with Digital Performer? We’ve been waiting since H7 was released for compatibility. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking the upgrade was a waste of money and time.

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Thanks for remembering this. It would certainly be nice to hear something…

Hi again - It’s now been nearly 5 months since you told us you were aware of the compatibility problems with DP, and were “working on it.” Will this ever get fixed, or should we just switch to a competitor’s product?

The HALion 7.0.20 release has this item in the release notes:

HALLY-102012 Fixed HALion Sonic crash under Digital Performer

Hopefully this solves the issue! Though interesting that it only mentions Sonic. I use Reaper and Cubase, so can’t verify.

HALion 7.0.20 and HALion Sonic 7.0.20 Maintenance Updates available

Well…the new update works, with some caveats.

I now have 2 categories (this is within Digital Performer 11.22 AU plugins), one is listed as Steinberg Media Technologies and contains plugins that are multiple surround and multichannel formats of Halion Sonic and Halion Sonic SE. The Halion Sonic plugins load but the UI, after fully appearing for a moment, collapse into a tiny square that is impossible to use. The Halion Sonic SE plugins crash DP instantly, as before.

However: there is also a category listed simply as “Steinberg” which contains Groove Agent SE and Halion Sonic plugins, just those, no multiple formats listed. This version of Halion Sonic loads…sort of. At first it appears as a blank instrument window, but then I can choose Halion Sonic again within that window and the actual, for-real, working instrument appears! Yay!

So…I can now use it, but it is confusing and the implementation is still somehow not smooth.

(Update: the Groove Agent SE plugin causes the instant DP crash)

I’ll just add that both Groove Agent SE 5 and Padshop are crashing DP 11. For Groove Agent SE, I’ve tried reexamining the plugins, using only the AU (after it passed inspection) – all to no avail. DP crashes every time. Halion Sonic works fine in DP. I’m lucky in that I have a workaround for the others: I can use VE Pro to run all these instruments and they run fine. But it would be nice not to have to fire up VEP to use them.