HALion 7 Browser tab needs it's own Filters like in Cubase Media Bay!

And let me explain why: as a beat maker, I really want to use HALion 7 to make Sample-Based instruments on the fly. So it would stand to reason that I’d want instant access to as many Samples as I can get my hands on, and I can definitely use the Browser tab that’s included in the Sample Instrument template that is loaded in HALion 7. I can simply click the Filter by Media type icon, then choose the Other Content location in the leftmost column, click on the Search Subfolders button and voila: 10,000 samples rolls into the right results column. That part is great.

Where I feel HALion 7 drops the ball is: there’s no further way to curate my way through 10,000 samples! That’s not cool.

Conversely, if you use the incredible Media Bay in Cubase then you have its centrally located Filters section, smack dab in the middle of the window. I follow the exact same steps that I just described for HALion 7 in the Cubase Media Bay, AND further slim down my searching by choosing from various Categories, Styles, Keys, you name it, and get me further and further down the road towards me finding exactly the type of Sample l’m looking for, in that moment.

So Steinberg, please listen up: slamming 10,000 samples in my face, while impressive, is still not particularly helpful. Giving me the opportunity to further hone down my searching via an additional Filters Section to the Browser of HAlion 7 WOULD be helpful. Massively helpful actually.

Please implement it, ASAP?

Also as I stated in one of my posts the new MediaBay in H7 / HS7 really lacks some good features that the old H6 one has. I don’t understand.