HALion 7 bug report - IMPORT

Importing from another format, eg NKI, SF2, KRZ, GIG, and such, changes the end loop position with one sample. This makes the loop go out of tune by quite a bit (unusable) when the loop length is short.

The bug appears when importing a full patch. Dragging in the same Wav file has the correct loop point. I have checked with Kontakt 4.11 and Reason 12 NN-XT, loop point is correct after opening the exact same patch.

The original patch was a Roland S-50 patch and a patch converter translated wav file used.

The 3rd party only format that did not change the loop point was EXS24, but then the whole mapping was scrambled instead…

Lastly, I took the NKI patch (loop is correct) and used another converter to go from NKI to HALion 3 fxp and the loop point is correct in HALion 7. Same thing if I use a 3rd party translator and translate from AKAI/Roland to HALion fxp (Halion 3), and the loop point is correct when the fxp is opened in HALion, but wrong if imported directly.

I used HALion 7 as standalone and in Win 10.

Screen print: Kontakt vs HALion 7.0.20


Hi RikkShow,
I’m able to reproduce it here. Its now in our Defect-Tracking-System and listed as Bug-ID “HALLY-10691”.
I hope we can provide a fix for it soon.

Thanks for your report and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Gerrit Junge

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