HALion 7 cpu problems

I sadly discovered that HALion 7 becomes completely unusable when building complex instruments, as I experienced while attempting to do so with 4 layers of granular synths running inside the same instrument. The CPU spikes are incredibly high, rendering the software unusable. This issue occurs on both the VST and AU versions of HALion 7 on my Mac.

To ensure that the problem wasn’t specific to my computer, I attempted to load 10 instances of PADSHOP simultaneously, resulting in a total of 20 granular synths playing together this configuration worked perfectly fine.
Is there anyone who can do a test with the PC to see if it’s just a problem with the Mac?
Also, I’m still using an INTEL Mac, maybe the M1 does not have these issues? Is there anyone with M1 or 2 that has got CPU problems with HALion 7?

This is a screenshot of the “performance meter” in HALion as you can see CPU peaks are completely out of control! And for this test I was using the standalone version, no other DAW or app running.


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I am also on intel i9 mac. Looking into this, thanks for sharing. :+1: