HALion 7 CrashDump

CrashDump provided for H7 STANDALONE v3.4.10.481. Windows 10.

H7 gave me the error box and froze. Just working on a sample patch and clicked on the SOUND tab. I had probably done the exact same steps dozen of times before in this session. So, seems very random why it suddenly froze doing what I already did multiple times in my sound design session.

I had Cubase13 in the background with H7 loaded as a VST3 if that matters.
Upon re-opening H7 remembered my last BROWSER position, ie the selected patch I imported to edit.

I hope it helps…

HALion 7 Standalone3.4.10 64bit2024.5.26 (1006.1 KB)

Hi RikkShow,
unfortunately the crashdump doesn’t contain any valueable information.
But most likely the crash is fixed in the upcoming HALion maintenance, because the Standalone version will be updated as well.
best regards

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