Halion 7 - easy way to connect attack time to macro-page for samples in library


I am new to Halion 7 and I am having a great time designing my own libraries, although there is a lot about Halion that I am still unfamiliar with, and I sometimes find it quite unintuitive. Here is what I am trying to solve:

I have recorded into the sample recorder all the notes of my bass guitar, and connected a few parameters like the bus solo, mute, pan, etc to the macro-page with knobs. One feature I thought would be interesting to have connected to a knob is the attack-time of the samples. I have tried many different ways and not found a good way to do this, maybe I am missing something? I feel like it shouldn’t be to difficult, but I could be wrong.

I found how to connect the attack-time of ONE sample per knob, but I would like a knob to change ALL attack-times together, so that I can use the bass samples as a slow-attack pad, for example. I have succeeded in getting the desired effect with an envelope/amp filter, but I cannot find a parameter to link to the macro-page and onto a knob.

Thank you so much in advance and best to all,


Hi @peder.caiman

The easiest way to control the sample attack time is to connect the zone parameter called DCAAttOffset

If you want to control all the samples with one knob you can change the scope.

Edit Scope (steinberg.help)

Connect the parameter of one zone. Click inside the Value field of the knob template parameters.
You should see something like:
@0:Zone 1/@id:c8

Change it to:

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@misohoza ,

This worked perfectly. Thank you so much for the clear and direct explanation, and also for the link. I am so happy right now, thank you so much! :grinning: