Halion 7 Factory Multi - where are the per instrument note patterns programmed?

I hope this isn’t a stupid noob question but I’m completely new to Halion over the last few weeks. Run Halion 7, load a Multi Instrument setup, drop the tempo to 78, switch to Multis in the Media Bay and load Groovy 80s Disco Fun. 4 instrument slots are loaded.

Hit C2 and I get a bass pattern. Hit C1 and I get a drum pattern. Where is the programming for these patterns stored? Play C4 & F4 and I get the guitar playing on the 4th instrument.

I understand the MIDI instrument mapping from the MIDI tab, but I cannot figure out where the beat/note patterns are programmed or how to change them.

Thanks in advance

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Check the FlexPhraser module of each program.

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OK, very helpful. Thanks very much!

I see that I can make alternative pattern choices from the pull down. I don’t see where to view the actual beats in this ‘70s Disco Funk 01’ pattern. Maybe I have to do that in a different tool and then save it? Or is it uneditable because it’s provided and I have to copy/edit/replace?

Well, you cannot edit the phrase itself. You can choose a different pattern as you discovered. You can tweak the few knobs you see there to edit the swing, velocity scale… So there is not much you can edit in phrase mode.

The user mode is fully editable (the arpeggiator below).

OK, that’s sort of what I was thinking. So as far as you know there’s no way to get the default pattern I’m hearing into the arpeggiator? I haven’t tried it yet but just to the right of the pattern pulldown there’s a button that says ‘drag MIDI phrase to host sequencer’ but the button itself doesn’t do anything. There is a ‘Record FlexPhraser MIDI Output’ but my first attempt at recording using the transport buttons at the top produced nothing in the MIDI file.

Thanks for the pointers. Very helpful.

No. The phrase and the arpeggiator share some controls but are independent.

You need to record the phrase first.

Turn that button on. Then play some notes to trigger the phrase. Let it play for couple of bars or however long you want/need. Then drag the captured midi to host. It doesn’t matter if the transport is running or not. It just captures whatever midi events are created and played by the phrase.

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