Halion 7 FM Lab - Operator PRESETS?

The FM Lab UI is big and powerful and seems to have presets for things like the FM operators, but the preset list is EMPTY. Is this a bug?

UPDATE: Using SYX file import and the preset SAVE feature I hunted down all 32 DX7 operators and created presets for them. They go into your Documents\Steinberg\Halion\Sub Presets\Zone folder:

FM-Algorithm.zip (507.5 KB)

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 10.32.20 PM

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the lack of operator presets is related to the overall crazy instability and data loss issues when mediabay database upgrades from whatever level it was in Cubase 11, Halion6, to whatever level it is in Cubase 12/13 and Halion 7.