Halion 7 installation deletes Halion 6?

Hello all!
Does a Halion 7 installation delete an existing Halion 6 or is it simply installed in parallel?

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Yes, it does replace HALion 6. It should also just sound the same in existing projects using HALion 6.

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Would it be possible to install Halion 6 and Halion 7 in parallel? I am currently trying to migrate my old VST Host software to “Steinberg VST Live” and I would like to use my old VST host software as backup for the interim phase. The old Software requests the file “halion 6.dll” which seems not to be on my computer. Steinberg Download Manager confirmed to me that Halion 6 + Halion 7 should both be installed:

Screenshot from Steinberg Download Manager which says “install again”:

Error from my old VST Host Software (requesting halion 6.dll")

Hi Philippe,

I am currently rebuilding 250 songs via the new Steinberg-Software „VST LIVE“ by using Hallion 7.

Would it be possible that with the next future upgrade from Halion 7 to Halion 8 I do not need to replace all my Halion VSTs again within the new Steinberg Software „VST LIVE“?

I would expect that with future updates the Halion VST would be automatically updated and that it would also be automatically be updated within „VST live“.

On my old production notebook with my old VSH host software I did not made the Halion update from 6 to 7. I am quit happy that I did not do such an update because this update would have habe destroyed my current production system (error message from old VST host software: Hallion 6 could not be found initiated).

I hope the my explanation is helpful for you.
It would be great if you please could give a short feedback to me.

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Hi Sam, sorry for the inconvenience. As stated earlier, the installer of HALion 7 is supposed to replace the previous versions in place. So just opening up your old project should be enough, no replace old HALion 6.
Since that is not the case, something on your system must have interfered. MSI, the Microsoft Installer, is quite picky if someone or something (Security or cleanup tools for example) have touched or moved files around.
As I can not see what happened on your system, I recommend uninstalling HALion 6 using the latest setup available for download and then install HALion 7. It should not be necessary to reinstall the content VSTSound files.
If the issue persists, please get in touch with support.
All the best,