Halion 7 poor performance


  • iMac Pro 2018 (32 GB RAM)
  • Logic Pro 10.7.7 or just the standalone Halion 7

Halion 7, Solace Pluck: just one voice kills the system, there are glitches… (96 KHz, 256 buffer size)
In vain Halion 7 should use 16 processor cores (it is set in options), it uses only one core. :frowning:

I use several high quality software synthesisers without any problems. Diva was very demanding regarding processor performance, but adding the multiple core option solved that issues.

Steinberg, please improve multicore performance in Halion 7…

Hi @PP1965 I am able to confirm this at 96KHz but have been able to run way over 32 tracks of the same preset running Logic Pro 10.7.6, macOS 12.6 on a 2019 mbp at 44.1 KHz and a buffer size of 128. I will investigate this, thanks for bringing this up to our attention.

As a general tip, please keep the HALion multiprocessor setting off. While this sounds counter intuitive, it is usually best to leave the thread management to the DAW and create a new instance for each track.

On a side note, I am interested why you run your projects at 96KHz. Collecting use cases beyond all the marketing gibberish of higher is better :wink:

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Hi @Philippe_Bono,

Thanks for your answer. I tried it without using Halion 7’s multicore option on, but unfortunately the result was the same.

I have some reasons why finally decided to use 96KHz in my projects:

  • It’s a future proof solution. In movie industry they use 96KHz as a standard as far as I know. I use several guitars in my projects. If I had the chance to use my music for a movie production, I would re-play and re-record them again. Simply convert 44.1 KHz files to 96 KHz wouldn’t be an option for me.
  • I can hear or feel the difference. The final result is somehow "smoother "on 96 KHz, contains more details. I have seen several videos about resolution, I know this is controversial whether you need 96 KHz or not.
  • I always would like to provide my best for my audience when it comes to sound quality.
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I found out that the performance issues are defenitively caused by FM Zone at non 44.1 KHz sampling rates. So there is hope this will improve in the future.
I can totally understand all of your points. Especially the finer resolution during production, I feel the same there.
Thanks for the detailed feedback :+1:.

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