Halion 7 update from Halion 6

Hello. Сan anyone answer my question. I have Halion 6 license on my usb eLicenser. I bought it in 2017. My colleague also has a Halion 6 license. And he also has an unused voucher for Halion 7 (grace period update from Halion 6 to Halion 7). He doesn’t use Halion anymore and he offers me to buy this voucher from him. If I buy this voucher from him, can I enter it in my account? Is this allowed or not? I’m afraid that my Steinberg account may be banned for such a voucher? I apologize for my English, I hope I wrote my question correctly.

Sorry Guitarist1,

I’m not sure. I would assume if the voucher hasn’t been registered, you should just be able to register it under your own name. Ultimately, I would contact Steinberg.

Amadeus e.d.p.

Thank you for the answer, Amadeus. The voucher hasn’t been registered. I just heard some Cubase users could sell their personal update codes to another users. But I don’t know if Steinberg officially allows such exchanges between users.

To me, it seems like it doesn’t really matter as it’s not even registered under their system. Essentially, I walk into the store, buy a Steinberg Product, open it, before I install it I change my mind, then sell it to my roommate who installs it.

You should be more than clear just installing it and going.

Amadeus e.d.p.

Thank you Amadeus. You were right. Yamaha support said: “It’s оk, just enter this code in your account."

Excellent! Happy Sound making!

Amadeus e.d.p.

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