HALion 7 Upgrade from version 6 bought as part of Absolute 4?

I bought Absolute 4 some time ago and with it came HALion 6 which I’ve been using for a while now.
With the recent release of HALion 7 I bought the upgrade from Halion 6 forgetting that my version of HALion 6 came with my purchase of Absolute 4 and consequently when I try to apply the activation code to my USB license I’m informed that my dongle has no license on it that can be upgraded.
I can’t find any info on steinberg website that might bring some clarity about this.
Does anyone know what typically happens in situations like this?

You can get a refund from the store, and then go and buy the right one.

Does this mean that all vst instruments that come as part of an "Absolute " bundle can’t be upgraded separately and that you have to upgrade you Absolute version instead ?

Yep that’s what that means…

Interesting… thanks for the replies.

You either have to update Absolute from 4 to 6, or purchase Halion 7 again by itself and basically start over with just that.
I was in the same spot, thought it over for a couple days, and decided to update Absolute.

If I was starting from scratch, I’d probably just get Halion.

As others have said, yes - you must update Absolute and cannot update any of the components separately.

Whilst you will have to pay more to upgrade Absolute 4 to Absolute 6 than to upgrade a separate HALion 6 licence to HALion 7, the trade-off is that you get all the new content to Absolute 5, including Backbone and Electric Bass.

I did the same thing. I forgot that I bought Absolute 3 because that was six years ago. I had to ask for a refund, which took 3 days to get, and then purchase the Absolute 3 to Absolute 6 upgrade to get the new Halion. I really didn’t want all of the new plugins in Absolute 6. I really just wanted Halion 7, but it’s cheaper to upgrade Absolute then it is to buy a separate Halion 7 license.

Once again, thanks for all the replies - I think the responsible thing for Steinberg to do is to make this clear to people before they buy any Absolute products, that way they can make an informed decision about their immediate and possible future needs.

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