Halion 7 upgrade - lots of content missing after install

I just upgraded yesterday from Halion 6 to Halion 7, via the absolute 6 bundle upgrade from h6.

I am noticing what appears to be a lot of missing content, even though the Steinberg Library Manager shows everything is installed properly.

Browsing in Halion 7 with no filters on, after selecting instruments, certain instruments such as Haliotron have ONLY ONE preset in them, and others only have a few.

Haliotron = 1 preset
Halion LIbrary = no presets
HS Factory = 2 presets
and so on.

Full uninstall and reinstall and things were still broken.

Just the content.

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What’s odd is I already did a full reinstall of the Content.

But after that, while my old Windows 10 machine (2020) has Halion 6 and Halion 6 has 6000+ Program presets, this current Mac I am using, with fresh EVERYTHING I own including all factory Halion 7 content, including ALL expansion content from Absolute 6, has 2000 Program presets listed.

that’s 30% of how many I had in 2020 in halion 6 alone.

Is your dongle plugged in? Some content might still need that. Is there a silicon/rosetta issue?

Same here

solution is GIVE FULL DISK ACCESS TO THE FOLLOWING STEINBERG APPS, then wipe the folder /Users/your_username/Library/Preferences/HALion\ 7 then reinstall.

This took more than one try, in fact I was at 5 full reinstalls before I figured this out.

Something bad in the Halion7 user preferencesa folder (mediabay and other files) kept things from working. Also Media Bay Server (steinberg tool) needs full disk access, and if your mac os version has a separate security setting, also may need external removeable disk access, if mac os is policing that and breaking your system with those options.

Mac OS - Full Disk access settings: (Screenshot is for Mac OS Ventura)

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