HALion 7 - Verve: how to change Pitchbend?

Hellou everyone,

I can change the pitchbend range with other HALion instruments. It’s great and useful if you want to have a lower or higher range when turning the pitchbend wheel.
BUT: when looking in the same place (edit → zone) with the Verve instrument, there is nothing shown.

Any ideas?

Here the two screenshots of it:

In this case the instrument is locked so you cannot edit it.

What a pity…
So Verve is not open for changes?
Thank you for the answer!

If anyone knows a way - I’ll keep this thread open for some more time. Maybe there is a workaround.

Hi @mcclaneonfire,

it’s as @misohoza correctly said: that section of the Verve instrument is locked against full editing. It’s a proprietary VST instrument for HALion.

What you could still do (legally, in Cubase as a creative environment):

  • play / add one or more MIDI notes by using Verve
  • render audio data within marked locator range to a new audio track
  • move the rendered wave clip to a newly created Sampler Track (pls. mind the whole project’s sample rate!)
  • draw pitch bend wheel controller events within a new automation lane that uses “Pitch Bend” on the same MIDI channel as the sampler track - thus you could even use the whole continuous controller range of ±4096 Pitch Bend steps.
    Whereas with Verve loaded, a HALion Instrument Track automation lane would remain stuck with a Pitch Bend range of only ±2 semitones (as defined by that given instrument).


Thank you for the detailed info!!!
Will try that - using a sampler track sounds like a great option. Also for further sound-experiments :smiley:

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HALion can accept RPN 101,100 events to set pitch bend range.

With HALion 5 - 7, there’s an option in the Settings tab, under MIDI Controllers, to accept the General MIDI Standard tuning RPNs.

For Sonic or Sonic SE, set Prg Change to “GM Mode” in the settings tab and it will then accept these RPN tuning events.

When this is enabled in HALion/Sonic…pitch-bend range defaults at 2 semitones for all channels as per the GM standard (even if you see something different showing in an instrument’s Macro editor panel). These, and subsequent RPN events will ‘override’ whatever settings instruments might display in their Macro editors (if they have such a parameter showing). Changing pitch bend range by any other method than MIDI RPN (I.E. from an instrument’s Macro editor) might well be ‘ignored’.

What RPN events do you need?
In your sequence send these events in order…
cc101 = 0
cc100 = 0
cc6 = 2 (Number of semitones for pitch bend range)
cc38 = 0
cc101 = 127
cc100 = 127

Here’s an article on it:
Eddie’s Home - MIDI - RPN and NRPN (2writers.com)

Note, pitchbend range is channel specific. Each MIDI channel can have a different setting for Pitch Bend Range. My understanding is that it will effect any instrument slots using that same channel. I.E. If you have two slots loaded and set to receive on the same MIDI channel, and set the pitch bend range via RPN for that channel, BOTH instruments will take on the setting.


Hi @Brian_Roland,

excellent, didn’t know that!
Thanks so much for pointing that out.

Best wishes,

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