Halion Content Devs - What monitoring?

Hi =)

First off, thanks for everything.

->Just browsing through some patches of this new flux module and I feel (subjectively) that some sounds are (i dont know how to describe this but) hollow? (in the low end that is)

I was wondering what kind of monitoring you content devs were using…

You see, it feels like you were using headphones and could not hear/feel/work with proper monitoring that would tell you right away: hey! the bass!
I can “hear” it, but I cannot “feel” it… when it gets somewhat low, it breaks apart in the air…
(too mental and not enough physical if that makes sense)

I felt this before with one of the piano modules - raven or some other one, cant remember… -> As soon as one hits lower notes, the room / listening position does not feel like one is playing low notes… one can hear it, but not feel it as you would with a real piano resonating low notes…
It is like… um… comparing a 128kb mp3 (with lowcut) to a full range highly professionally produced wave file if you catch my drift…

It is there, i can hear it, but I cant feel it - it is fake because the low frequency content or low end SPL power is not present… just a shadow/outline of what it should be–
(my system goes down to 18Hz @ -3db btw)

So , I ask you - are you using proper monitoring (in a good studio) to produce this content or are you solely using headphones?

Somehow, something is getting lost in translation here… - I mean its ok if you want to produce for ipad speakers, kitchen radios etc…lol…

Am I onto something here or am I just…?

Thanks for honestly replying to this sincere question, dear devs=)

Thanks again and again, thanks=)

edit: not all sounds obviously , but a big number of presets are “affected” ? :wink: - some sound juuuust right;)
edit2: some are reeeeally nice=) (thumbs up)