Halion cubase pro

Hi, Now I have Cubase pro, and I think I don’t have Halion anymore, while he was in Cubase Artist ? I am wrong ?

Yes you do have it and more. you have to download it and the content separately. You should them all plus the extra content in the download manager or go to the downloads page and choose the pro version and all the extra content is there.

Are we talking about Halio or Halion Sonic SE? I think what mkok says is true for the Halion Sonic SE that is a part of your Cubase purchase.
If you have the “full” Halion it should still be there - perhaps you have to re-scan your VST plugins or have to add the path to the configuration?

Ah right yes I’m talking about SE.

Yes, I speak about halion Sonic SE, I’have download from download manager and install this. It’s OK, but I don’t have any vst instrument inside, do you know why ?
With older cubase version (SX…) I was using hypersonic, and it was super cool ! halion is not as complete it seems to me?

Sounds like you haven’t downloaded the content. Downloading the instrument does not include content.

How to download the content ? what is the name ? I think in cubase artist it was include…

In Steinberg Download Assistant, I see (when I select Cubase 11 Pro on the left side) a list with packages to download and istall.
One is "HALion Sonic SE 3 - Content (3.35 GB)

Yes ! excellent @bns23 thanks a lot !