HALion FLUX synth still missing after reinstallation

In Cubase Elements 12 for Windows, I noticed that my Sonic SE3 plugin had only the Basic and Trip instruments available, Flux did not appear. I looked at the Help pages, reinstalled HALion and deleted the three pertinent files from the folder ‘HALion Sonic SE_64’. Upon restarting Cubase, I found that Trip had vanished and there is still no Flux.

Any ideas to solve this?


Make sure you have the latest HALion Sonic SE and Steinberg Download Assistant updates installed, please.

I again reinstalled Sonic SE and the Download Assistant. Then I deleted those three files again and restarted Cubase. No change: still no Trip or Flux, just Basic. Please help!

Sorry, but the Trip and Flux instrument sets for Halion Sonic SE are only available in Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro.

However, part of the “Artist” library was made available to Cubase Elements users, including almost 400 new sounds. Please check if you can find a preset called “Strings in Church NoteExp” or “Cello Duo

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Oh. Strange that Trip was in it until I tried to add Flux. Oh, well.