Halion instrument reset issue

I mainly use Dorico on my home (Windows) desktop, but also occasionally run it on my laptop. Projects are synced through Dropbox. The software setup on both devices is the same (i.e. out of the box Dorico plus Halion along with The Grand), but when I bring a project back to the desktop from laptop the Halion instruments reset.

For example, I’m working on a piece for piano and viola and the piano part is still set to use The Grand, but the viola is now a synth call First Contact. Though this actually sounds unexpectedly awesome, it’s not the aesthetic I’m going for and is a little bit off-putting :wink:

Any ideas as to why this instrument reset might be happening? N.b. doesn’t seem to be an issue when I open the project on my laptop after having worked on it on the desktop.

You’re using the full version of Halion or Halion Sonic, yes?

First Contact is the preset loaded by default by Halion Sonic SE, which is included with Dorico. It sounds like Dorico might be loading the wrong plugin.

Yes, full version of all software. And The Grand isn’t affected.
It’s not a big deal to sort out, just a tad annoying. If I was working on something on a larger scale it might be a wee mit more annoying!

And how about the version numbers of Dorico and HALion, are they also 100% identical on both machines?
And also contents-wise, are you sure that the exact same Viola sound is also present on your desktop machine?