Halion issues

Hi Everyone,

I need some help, please, with a problem now that I’ve started using 10.5 Pro. What I’d like to know is am I the only one who finds that once I’ve selected an instrument in Halion and installed it as the voice I want it defaults back to something else the minute the song it’s being used for is stopped and returned to either the start of its loop or the begining of the entire song? I never had this with any previous versions of Cubase so why now?!

If there’s a fix/work-around for this can somebody let me know what it is, please? (I’ve tried asking Steinberg but thus far I’ve yet to hear back from them). Thanks!

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your description clearly. Could you please write it in step by step repro manner?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply. It’s like this:

I select, for example, the midi drums that are on track 10. Halion opens and it shows the default 129 drums are being used.
I change to 134, rock drums.
If I press stop or the loop returns to its starting point default 129 then returns in place of 134. Every time!

It’s not just drums that does this. The piano settings keep changing back to the default sound too!

Have you any idea why this is happening? It never happened with Cubase 8 or 9.



I see. I expect Program Change (and Bank Select MSB and LSB = MIDI CCs0 and 32) are written in the MIDI track, so it overwrites your settings in HALion. Delete Program Change and MIDI CCs0 and 32 from the MIDI track.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for such a quick reply. I’ll have a go at your solution later today when I’ve finished my current job and can return to Cubase. I’ll let you know how I get on!

All the best and with thanks


Please, search for the Program Change MIDI Messages in the tracks in Cubase, not in HALion.

Open Key Editor in Cubase and in the Controller line, select the Program Change. Now you can see if there are any data. You can also open List Editor and filter all other data out, to see the Program Change messages quickly.

I believe there is also a reset on stop midi function that might need turning off. Also make sure you save the new patch (which I’m sure you have)