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Hi. I’m new to Halion. It came with Cubase Elements 12. I was using it for a little bit, but now it says there is no licence for Halion. How can I purchase it. I thought it came free with Elements 12…??

Thanks, and sorry for the newbie question


Halion is not free or included, I suppose you downloaded and licensed a trial.

The stuff included with Cubase Elements 12 is displayed in the Download Assistant.

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Thanks for the reply. If I wanted to buy it, where do I purchase it?



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Thank you for your email!

Hi Jim and welcome to the forum.

The product names of the HALion family can be a little confusing, and have changed over the years. What’s generally referred to as “HALion” is the flagship (and expensive) product referred to above, currently HALion 7.

There’s a cost-free product called HALion Sonic 7 which you can download and use for no money. This might be what you are looking for:

If you mistkenly downloaded and installed the full-fat version of HALion, and you don’t want to purchase it right now, I’d suggest uninstalling that one and replacing it with HALion Sonic 7.

In a nutshell, HALion 7 allows you to create and play content and comes with a very comprehensive library of sounds, whereas HALion Sonic 7 allows you to play content and comes with only a limited, but very usable library. If you need more or better content, you can buy it later.

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Hi again,

Wait a minute! I have Halion Sonic SE… That’s the one that came with Cubase Elements 12. Is that one supposed to be free? Cause if it is, it’s telling me I don’t have a licence for it.


Not sure what’s happening there, but HALion Sonic SE has been superseded by HALion Sonic 7 (see? I told you it was confusing :slight_smile: ). I would suggest just downloading and installing HALion Sonic 7 because it’s better and it replaces HALion Sonic SE.

Hello again.

I figured it out. I did have Halion and removed it. I kept Halion Sonic SE which is the free one. Sorry for the confusion


I’d still suggest just downloading and installing HALion Sonic 7 because it’s newer and will continue to receive updates. No need to uninstall HALion Sonic SE, but HALion Sonic 7 will load in it’s place. Especially if you’re new to Cubase and HALion Sonic, it’s probably best to get familiar with the newer version.

Again, welcome to the wonderful world of Cubase, and have fun!

Thanks for your help


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