HALion Macro Page Templates

Do HALion macro templates exists for common use scenarios? Say, a 4-part layer with pre-configured bus FX and a nice macro page, so I can just drag in a set of looped samples and have a layer ready to use?
Think a JV-1080 style architecture that lets you load your own sample sets.
Or like NI Player series but 4-layers (preferably)

There are templates for macro page controls like knobs, sliders, menus… You can make your own templates from scratch or by grouping already existing elements. You can also export the whole macro page.

You could create an init preset with all the layers, busses, fx and macro page set up and the just replace the samples.

Thanks for responding. I understand I can do that, and I can spend a week writing macros etc. (or two if the LUA documentation is bad, and lacks easy examples to copy and paste)

But I was trying to avoid that effort and I actually assumed Steinberg would have made some templates, not just a bare bones structure. But any power users contribution would work as well, Halion 6 came out 6 years ago. And NOBODY has made a template? That is surprising to me.