Halion missing/tranfering files

I have Halion Sonic SE - using with CB11 to provide backing tracks for a band.

I keep getting an error that I need to “check the installation for missing sounds” when Cubase boots up. They’re all there. The problem is I create the tracks on my desktop and then put them on my laptop for the gigs. There’s one brass sound I like (brass fanfare) that is on my desktop but not the laptop.

I remember a very long time ago taking that brass fanfare sound from some other version of Halion when I upgraded somehow. There was a way to get that (old) sound in the new Halion. Does anyone know how. I’ve slept since then.

I could use a different brass patch but I really like(d) the one I was using.


By the old HALion, do you mean HALion One?

Probably. I just used the standard brass section on the “new” Halion for now. Unless it’s an easy fix to get that “brass fanfare” into the “new” Halion, it’s not worth fussing with it.