HALion needs more/better effects, bring the whole Montage FX

I played with the HALion 7 demo today, mainly with the FM Zone.
I own a Yamaha MODX and I love its FM-X engine, so HALion 7 would seem like a no-brainer. On the virtual instruments side, my most used synth is HALion’s main competitor, UVI Falcon.

Even if the additions on the FM synth engine side, compared to the MODX, are excellent, overall the MODX still feels like a much more powerful synth, and this is in large part because of the huge pallette of fantastic effects.
Not only very good bread and butter effects, but also some very creative FXs that add a lot when sound designing: wavefolder, Spiralizer, Slice, VCM Filter and Booster and much, much more.

Some of them are demoed in this video:

Needles to say for anyone familiar with it, Falcon also has a lot more effects and they are much better. There’s also a large pallette of creative effects there and HALion looks very weak in comparison.


Thanks for the feedback. ( Rushes off taking notes :face_with_monocle:)