Halion One Cubase 5 NOT WORKING after Cubase 6 install

I’ve got a weird issue here. I’m working on a Cubase 5 project and I can’t load Halion One at all as a new instance. It ‘appears’ to load when creating an Instrument Track but is not there. When loading into the VST Instruments rack nothing happens at all.

This is actually weird as if I shut down C5, restart it and load an old project the Halion One’s load fine. Then when I start a new project immediately after I can’t create a Halion One instance again… and then if I try to load the previous project that had halion ones in it they do not appear.

Anyone else with the same issue?

Update >

I restarted Cubase 5 and started a new project and now it’s back.

Seems that if you load a previous project and then start a new one the Halion One disappears.

Hi Danny,

I had a similar experience with MusicLab Real Guitars. With a new C6 project, you cant add the plugin tot the VST instruments nor to an instrument track, right? In my case the standalone version also stopped working and I had to reinstall.
Real Guitar (and RealLPC) is plainly GREAT and has no history of misbehaving whatsoever on CS5.5.2 (and imho Steinberg should work with MusicLab to make it a successor to VirtualGuitarist…)

But when I make a CS5.5.2 project, the VSTi opens properly, I make an empty project and can then open this file painlessly in C6. A strange problem and not so practical a workaround.

I found out that the plugin got added to vst2xBlacklistCubase.xml in the preferences directory. Will you please check if this happens with you too?

Trashing the prefs or the vst2x*.xml files helps, but that’s also something I dont want to do on a regular basis.

Will Steinberg please look into this? :question: :question: PLS :question: :question: Thnx! :smiley: