Halion One - Halion Sonic SE compatible?

Am i the only one having compatibility issues between C5 and C6 projects containing Halion One?

At first i thought “what the heck, i just call up those bells (or whatever) with Halion Sonic SE” but now i realize most of my C5 projects have Halion One in them.
And since Halion One is NOT included in C6, AND Halion Sonic SE does NOT pick up where H1 is missing … WTF?!
Or maybe i should ask, What the heck am i doing wrong?!

HALionOne is still installable with Cubase 6 (it is in the “Additional Content” folder on the DVD). Its factory presets will not be available to Cubase 6 (but are indeed duplicated in HALion Sonic SE), but any projects from Cubase 5 that used HALionOne will load just fine (the HALionOne setting were saved with the Project).

Well that’s just the thing, the projects load just fine, but i’m getting a “missing plugin” prompt whenever halion one has been used. One would think that halion sonic se would replace halion one. right?!

Anyway, thanks Vic. Didn’t really think about exploring the additional content but i sure will.

I meant, they will load just fine, once you have installed HALionOne from the Additional Content folder :wink:.

Hi Vic!
Yeah i got that :slight_smile: My comment was more of a frustrated observation of how little sense it makes that the two Halion versions are not compatible.