Halion one - How to load presets

I have been a user of Cubase since LE 10 years ago and I really enjoyed the then Cubase enclosed synth USM (Universal Sound Module) due to it´s simplicity. Alas not supported anymore. USM was replaced by Halion One (forced change when when upgrading to CB5), which now is replaced by Halion Sonic SE. The sounds have improved over the years in both numbers and quality. That is good, but the complexity of the synth has also grown. I do own a bunch of plugins that I find even better sounding than Halion Sonic SE, and thus better than Halion One and the old USM. However I miss USM and One. Why? Well lets compare it with a designer. A designer might choose to make a sketch with pencil and paper before entering Indesign, Photoshop or Illustrator. Just because it is faster. It saves time just getting the idea down on paper before it leaves the head. You can later evaluate the idea and improve. So for me USM was the perfect sketch tool. Later I had to get used to Halion One as a more complex sketch tool. Halion Sonic Se is complexity wise close to Halion 4, which I own too, so Sonic SE is of no use for me as a sketch tool and looses quality wise against my other plugs. Halion One still loads as a 32 bit plug in Cubase 7 64 bit, but I´m having really difficulties loading all the presets, and since it has to be bridged, much of the “fast sketch” tool is gone. Has anyone found a smart way of using One or even better USM, or a substitute for such?

You can still use USM with C7.

Great but how?

Same process as any other 3rd party plug.

Nope. First of all USM is a Steinberg product, not a third party plug.

On my computer the VST file (and soundset) is in the VST folder. It will show in CB 4.5 and work perfectly. In CB5.5 it will show but will only play the topmost sound which is piano. Don’t know about CB 6 as I dont have that upgrade. In CB 7 it won’t even show.

So if you have a walkthrough on how to make it work, please supply.